Chanel Dunes eyeshadow quad

  1. Just purchased this and was trying to follow suggestions for wearing. This sounds like a stupid question but I don't know what color is what. Wondering for those that have this compact - what color is supposed to be vanilla and what is the nude? What is the taupe and what is the mahogany. I know I can put colors on however I choose but wanted to try their suggestions. Thanks!
  2. i have this quad but i can't tell you what's what since i just experiment with mine. maybe you can call a chanel counter at a department store and ask the which is which. btw, this quad is awesome since there are so many ways to wear it.
  3. ok, thanks!
  4. Where did you find instructions on how to put it on? I always do light over entire eye. Darkest in the outer corner and then just blend up with the two next lightest colors. I have spices eyeshadow from Chanel.