Chanel du jour with pics!

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  1. So i had an interesting chat with the bff today. He thinks I need a chanel intervention (well, he said "lobotomy" but he's English so some stuff gets lost in the translation, hehe) and made a bet that I could put together an outfit each day with at least one new chanel item for 8 weeks without ever repeating. For example, if on day 1 I would wear a chanel bag, on day 2 I could repeat bag but have to wear a new chanel item like shoes or something, and so on for the next day.

    He said if I managed to do that for 8 weeks (I negotiated "weekdays" only) straight he would force me into a shopping ban. I said heck, if I could do that, then I would gladly go on a ban (knowing full well 8 weeks straight is impossible...3 perhaps...i don't have that much chanel stuff!). But I was that really possible?? I don't think so, but it would be funny to see how long that would last. If anything it'd be somewhat entertaining to see the different permutations of outfits I could put together from all these years of collecting chanel. And some of you have been asking for a better glimpse of my closet anyway....sooo let's start with the outfit for tomorrow, aka, Day 1 of the Chanel du Jour challenge! 39 more days to go!

    Day 1: navy jcrew cardi, ivory 3 layer silk chiffon robert rodriguez top, navy/ivory chanel ballerinas, ivory nancy gonzalez croc tote, and prob some capri pants b/c that's how audrey hepburn would always wear her ballerinas!!

  2. Love the idea of this and can't wait to see all of your stuff...would love to see it on you too!!:smile:
  3. Larkie! What a FABULOUS idea for a thread! I know I'll be anticipating your daily post in this thread and seeing your fab outfits & Chanel items!!

    I especially love that silk chiffon robert rodriguez top you have picked out for tomorrow's Chanel du Jour.

    I'm so excited - this is going to be super fun!
  4. ^ ooooohhh that's how i'll dress toooo! but i'll wear a pair of fancy skinny black pants like my stella mccartney ones!!!! yayyeeee maybe i should be part of the challenge too, why not? but i don't work lol so i have bummer days at home!! xo
  5. That's a great idea!
  6. can't wait to see what ensemble you put together each day! how fun!
  7. Looking forward to each day's pics!! :yes:
  8. i can't wait to see all the outfits you put together!
  9. heh i can see myself coming back to this thread over and over again! and your bff is so funny :lol: i can't believe he thinks u need a lobotomy!
  10. this is cool idea.. i cant wait to see your collection!!! :graucho:
  11. Another good reason to logon to Purseforum everyday....:popcorn:

    BTW what's BFF?
  12. I love this idea!!!! I can't wait to see these outfits (and get some fashion tips!):woohoo:
  13. How fun...I will check in daily!!
  14. Larkie, I always love reading your posts and pics! cute outfit!
  15. love Day 1's ensemble and the idea of the post!
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