Chanel Dress and Jacket Prices?

  1. Hello guys,

    I am planning to buy either a Chanel dress or their signature jacket. Does anyone know what the price points are for these items?

    Thank you very much.
  2. If you wait till June, Dec. The sale begins
  3. It really depends on the individual piece -- material(s) used and complexity of design. Simple dresses start at $1200+ and more elaborate dresses are priced around $4000++. Jackets start around $3500 and go up to $6000++.
  4. sorry i forgot to specify that I'm interested in their signature TWEED jacket.
  5. Thinner, simpler tweed jackets are somewhere around $5000 but thicker and more elaborate jackets have been priced really high, as in $9000+ these days. If you are in US, you are very likely to find most on sale. One downside is, if you wear the smallest sizes, it would be a lot harder to find your sizes during the sales.