Chanel Double Flap Top Handle/Shoulder Strap Bag Anyone?

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  1. I always thought of myself of solely a Chanel classic flap girl until yesterday. I'm walking down Michigan Avenue, and I see this really stylish 70+ year old woman carrying the Chanel Double Flap Top Handle/Shoulder Strap Bag, and seriously, she looked like a rock star. I mean, she looked like she owned the entire Mag Mile. I'm about ready to hand over my entire winter clothing allowance to them in order to get this bag, but I'm concerned about the soft puffy lambskin and how it will wear. I know that it's bound to get scratches, and I'm okay with that, but what I'm not familiar with is Chanel's non-structured quilted bags (you know, the ones that look like someone took a mini leather down comforter and stitched into a bag - no hardness to it at all, not even the bottom). Won't the puffiness really flatten over time and look like a worn out, sad looking pillow? For $3300+, as much as I like the bag, I'm not willing to shell out for something that is a one-season wear only purchase or something that I can only use on special occassions (this isn't an evening bag after all).
  2. jas33..did you get the bag? do you have some mod pic with you carrying the bag to share? For Chanel 3... this is the only style I will consider... I saw it in the edge / unique is soooo "me" for what I am into right now lol....

    But I was worry about the soft lambskin (since I have three already....)... I know over time, the color will fade a little... but I guess, with this beautiful and stylish bag.... it is worth to get it and prepare to send in for leather clean years from now...
  3. Yup - got the bag. Haven't actually worn the bag yet because I'm still trying to convince myself that buying the bag wasn't stupid on my end. LOL. I will try to post pics soon, but have never done so before on TPF, so bear with me. I have to say, though, that I'm pretty picky about the styles of my bags, and this is the only non-traditional flap bag (other than vintage) that really appealed to me both in form and function - large enough to carry a decent amount but "rocker" enough to feel youthful and fun. Plus, you're right, the color might fade and the leather wear down a little, but I feel like because of the style, that it might actually look BETTER that way - more edgy and fun, if you know what I mean.

    I think that I read in another post that you might be located in Chicago. I know from Michael, an SA at NM on Mich Ave, that there may still be the Chanel 3 large tote available at NM's warehouse! I say go for it. I was chasing that 70+ lady down the street just to get a glimpse of my (future) bag! That proves it all!
  4. I saw this bag in beige at chanel a week ago and fell in love with it. but i didn't get it for the reasons you mentioned, mainly cause i worried about the shape. let us know how it works out. i still want mine!
  5. I love the large Chanel 3. If I had the funds, I wouldn't think twice! Nice twist on the classic flap.
  6. jas33 -- I love this bag too! What color did you get?
  7. Black. I know, boring! But (1) I think that black brings out the edgy side of it rather than the prissy and (2) I didn't have a choice - Chicago only ever seems to carry black, brown and gray of ANYTHING, not just Chanel. I think that Michael Kors once said that women seem to wear and thus buy colors of clothing and accessories that match their environment (so in Cali, brighter colors, in the Midwest, lots of darker, cooler tones). Hence, a lot of the stores here, like Armani, BV, etc. usually only carry the basic blacks and browns.
  8. Congrats, jas! I can't wait to see your pics. I love your telling of the woman on Michigan Ave. I totally got the picture in my head.
  9. So, I finally wore the Chanel 3 (large) today and have to say that I love it. I've made some good bag purchase and regrettable bag purchases in life, and this one falls into the good bag purchase. The top handle is really useful for carrying, and I like how I can carry it on the crook of my arm for the entire world to see! I actually had some woman come up to me in Saks (interrupting a conversation that I was having with someone) and "congratulate me" on my "amazing Chanel." Wow, I've never had that happen before! I bought some bad-a$$ Stuart Weitzman motorcycle boots at Bloomies last Friday during their Friends and Family Sale, and I think that the bag is going to look amazing with them. All of my Chanel bags are what I call "French priss" bags because they all look so lady-like. I like how this one is not that at all.

    I've attached pics. Sorry for the quality - they were taken with my iPhone in my office's bathroom. I think that the bag looks larger than usual because I was holding it out to take the pic (so it was closer to the camara); plus, I'm 5'2", so everything is larger in comparison!

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  10. It's fabulous!
  11. Love it! Wow!
  12. I have the large chanel 3 in the blush color and im DYING to get this one too!LOL!
    It screams BUY ME!
  13. Thank you jas33 for posting the mod pictures... so stunning!!

    Can you carry the chain handle(s) over your shoulder? Reason I ask b/c I prefer to carry my bags on my shoulder....
  14. lovely bag...does it get puffy and heavy when u put things in it? i saw this today at the chanel store and almost got it but it was in red and i was concern about the puffiness. it looks great on you.
  15. Fabulous modeling pictures! Now I'm itching to go check it out!