Chanel double flap hardware made in Paris, bag made in Italy? Hmmm?


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Jan 22, 2019
There's some interesting info regarding where Chanel bag are made here:

I have bags from both Made in France and Made in Italy!
Thank you. For the link. It makes sense. What I was wondering about was could it be possible that the back plate of the hardware says Chanel Paris, but the leather stamped u see the CC logo says Italy? And after reading the link you shared. I guess it could be possible that they contracted out the hardware portion in France or vice versa. Thoughts?


Apr 11, 2017
Please help me understand. I have seen a few Chanel bags w Paris made hardware, but the inside of the bag says made in Italy? Real or fake?
Hi there. Totally normal and nothing to worry about. The hardware plate on the back of the turnlock on my classics says “Chanel Paris,” and this is true of both the bags made in France and those made in Italy. It is a Chanel branding convention and has nothing to do with the place of manufacture.