CHANEL dog collar?

  1. Hello all,

    Can anyone tell me if there is such a thing??

    I'm getting my Puppy in a few weeks and her name is Coco Chanel. I would really love a collar to match!!

  2. never heard of one. LV has a nice one in suhali leather though!
  3. I have never seen one but I wish they did, I'd get one for my cat her middle name is coco chanel haha
  4. I have never seen one either.
  5. I have a Chanel dog collar! I bought it about five years ago at the Neiman Marcus in Chicago. It's black quilted with a silver clasp that has the CC on it.

    I bought it for my yorkie -- but it's kinda heavy so I have never used it. :p
  6. I think in the 80s during the punk era there was a choker necklace that looked like a dog collar fit for a bull dog. I'll see if I have a look book that shows it.
  7. I want one. anyone know if chanel makes a dog carrier?
  8. I didn't know you had a Yorkie! I have to boys and love them to pieces.
  9. Thankyou so much ladies!! If anyone finds one please let me know!! At least i know im not just waisting my time looking.... wish me luck:smile: :heart:
  10. I wanted a CHANEL collar too, but ended up having to get a Louis instead.
  11. Yes, Chanel makes a dog collar with matching leash. I think it's somewhere between $600-800; I don't remember exactly...
  12. oh! try eBay! something might come up!
  13. Ive tried e-bay. I have searched and searched only coming to the conclusion that they DO exist!! But still no idea where i can purchase one from.. But ill keep searching.... i've just got to have this collar!!:yes:
  14. I have an LV and a Gucci, which is super cute. It says "GUCCI POOCHIE" on it.
  15. I saw a Chanel dog collar at NM in SF. Call for Christine (xochrissie from this board) 415-362-3900 x2164;) (she's really nice!)