Chanel doesn't fix broken earrings

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  1. So, I have this Swarovski Chanel earrings that got broken by my DH when he step on it. I went to Chanel store 2 weeks ago and they said they can't fix it for me. I was devastated since this is my favorite earrings. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks

  2. I'm sorry to hear that op. I see that this was bought in 2004/2005 from the label on the box so it is beyond the 1 year warranty period for repair. The nature of the item is also one factor why it is rendered irreparable as earrings cannot be redyed or stitched back together unlike leather.
    There is one useful thread where one tpfer used one earring as a brooch. It's creative and artistic and maximizes the usage on your other other earring. I hope that suggestion helps if any. I feel you on the quality of Chanel going south, for the hefty amount you paid.
  3. I feel very sad because i used this as my everyday earrings. I love wearing this because its lightweight and very simple. I have a few other chanel earrings but this one is my most favorite. Thank you for the wonderful suggestion of using it as a brooch, I might do that. Thank you again and Have a wonderful day:smile:
  4. I just bought a pair almost identical recently in a silver tone. Maybe check the stores near you?

    So sorry about your earrings :sad:
  5. Thank you. I have the classic CC in silver tone. A lil bigger that this one. It's my second favorite earrings. I want to find similar with this one but I don't have any luck every time I go to the Chanel store:sad:
  6. Wow it's a bit sad since they were di gorgeous di they make any similar style?
    Best of luck.
  7. I can see you still have the style code - they don't transfer earrings, but ask them to do a nationwide search. If any store still has them just place a phone order?
  8. I know:sad:. They are very gorgeous and it sparkles when you wear them because it has Swarovski crystal in it. They don't have a similar style in my chanel store:sad:Thank you
  9. They don't apparently make this kind of earrings anymore. Thank you for your thoughts. I really appreciate it. Have a Good day:smile:
  10. I'm so sorry to hear the material resin? That did look like it is beyond repair...they would replace missing stones, broken posts, etc though...
  11. i think the other option is to find those who do jewellery with the tools to melt or join the 'stick' to the back of the earring. wielding or whatever.
  12. image-2536361302.jpg

    These are the ones I just bought. Thought they looked similar. :smile:
  13. These are mine. I thought they were similar :smile:
  14. Sorry about the double post. Stupid iPhone
  15. Because the earrings aren't gold, or a sterling silver, they can't be "soldered" so another post can't be put on. The swarovski earrings are a flat back crystal and the back of the crystal would melt and burn due to the heat from a torch as well as the metal probably wouldn't tolerate it. Some jewelers may take it on but have you sign a disclaimer. I know it is a bummer.