Chanel, Dior & Vuitton... Debating.

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  1. I actually asked this a while back and the all-around consensus was that the Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy 25 was a better choice than the Dior Detective Line Saddle Bag.

    However, I have no added another bag to the dilemma...

    The Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

    I believe, according to Teen Vogue (the new one), the Jumbo size is $1, 750 American.

    So, I have a few questions, not to be crass, but here goes:

    1.) How much is the smallest size? What is the smallest size?
    2.) I've heard Caviar is cheaper than the Calfskin, so how much would a small, Caviar leather, Chanel Classic Flap Bag be American currency please?

    Merci beaucoup, in advance. :biggrin:
  2. did you see that pink bag on the new model? is that the chanel your talking about? your not being crass, or i am too lol because i asked the same questions, im looking for the small single flap one too.
  3. YES! The one Gemma Ward is carrying,its YUMMY.

    I want it in white. I went on eBay hoping someone would list the retail price. And I found one...


    Its gorgeous. But I'm too in love with white handbags right now. And I'm not buing on eBay.

    I guess I could go down t Bloor and ask but... I don't know. I need to know in American currency.

    Bah! This is too difficult.
  4. Go for the Chanel!
  5. I agree. I'm too into Chanel right now.

    I'll probably just wait to get the Epi Speedy or Dior Saddle for a while... like November or December.

    Does anyone know the price though?
  6. Check for the pricing but I'm not sure what it will come out to be in Canadian dollars.
  7. I'd say the Chanel or the Dior, probably more the Chanel but I'm partial to the detective saddle (I have a red one) :biggrin:
  8. quote= 'Check for the pricing but I'm not sure what it will come out to be in Canadian dollars.' doesnt carry chanel items there do they???
  9. I'd go for the Chanel, it's gorgeous ! And.. buy a Louis later. :smile:
  10. Chanel is always classic.
  11. Chanel!
  12. Of coz.....CHANEL

    Smallest size is really small, I think someone already answer your Q.
    Caviar leather classic is cheaper than Calfskin.
    Egv. cavier 1550 calf willbe 1700
  13. I prefer the jumbo to small. Cait, do you have the pic of Gemma Ward carrying the pink chanel? Love to drool.......
  14. The Chanel! :biggrin: