Chanel Dilemma

  1. ok, so my mom and I went to Saks and she got me a chanel bag, the problem is I changed my mind and wanted to get the expandable in white. She charged the bag to her Saks CC and gave me the receipt. Would I be able to return the bag and maybe get a gift card instead of the money being returned to her CC? She was just visiting me for the weekend. Help!
  2. I somehow don't think so but I'd try calling Saks and ask?

  3. Hi bhurry - my bf bought something for me that I didn't like so I returned it to Saks and the SA gave me a credit to use at a later time, rather than putting the money back towards his credit card. I would just take the receipt with the bag, but be specific about the form of credit that you would like.
  4. I think if you have the receipt and ask for a store credit they will give it to you. Why don't you call first...
  5. Have the SA call around for the white expandable and do an exchange?