Chanel Dilemma CANADA V.S US - Any Help Appreciated!

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  1. Hello fellow PurseForum members!

    For the last 6 years I have dying to get a certain flap bag (my holy grail). And in the last month I have become very serious about making my first classic flap purchase! My issue is that I want a particular colour, one that is impossible to find in Canada. I live in Toronto and all 3 boutiques have none in this colour, and have no idea when they will receive more. I have called every Canadian store to which I have been told that they do not know when they will get this colour and that I can be put on a waiting list. I have finally found a boutique in NYC that has not one, but two of my holy grail bags and as crazy as I sound, I am willing to drive down to NYC this weekend to pick it up and bring it home on the same day. This is my dilemma.

    1. If I buy the bag in Canada I know that I won't find my desired colour until fall 2014 which by that point the price increase will have taken place.
    2. If I buy the bag in the US , I will have to pay a very steep customs fee.

    My question to you all lovely chanel-a-holics is ... do I wait until fall and buy my bag then? or go to the US this weekend and pick my bag up? Also, will a Chanel store hold a bag for a customer for three days? What if I pay a deposit to secure the bag?
    Thanks all!
  2. Normally chanel boutiques will hold the bag for you if you pay with credit card already.

    The question you need to ask is is it worth the gas money and miles to go to nyc and buy the bags and then pay customs? Or, is it better to just wait for fall and pay the price increase difference? Idk how much customs fee is so I can't tell you exactly which is better. Hope that helps and good luck deciding!
  3. I'll go to the boutique on the weekend and get the bag!

    I was in the same dilemma as you few days ago. the bag that I want is not available here in Australia so I decided to get one from the US (and I know for sure that I will have to pay for duties etc upon its arrival) but in the end I think it's going to be worth it. also, keep in mind that Chanel sells out pretty quickly so if you find your dream bag and have the ability to get it, I'd say go for it! GL
  4. ^^ Agreed!

    Canada's stock is so awful compared to the US. Who knows if you'll even find this color in the fall? If you found one in the states, I say go for it! Good luck & I can't wait to see your reveal ;)
  5. You have to factor in the NYC tax and the exchange rate. The duties and taxes will be 25% of the price you paid on too when you cross the border. As well as your time + gas to get to NYC and back. I'm not sure how long it takes you but I think it will be further than me driving to Seattle from Van. I don't think it's really worth it.

    I recently had to pay for duties + tax on a bag and it's a big bummer.

    I think it's better to just wait.
  6. May I ask what particular color you're looking for?!
  7. Did you check with the Summerset Collection Mall in Troy MI (outside Detroit) to see if they have the bag you want? The drive there will only be about 4-5 hours as opposed to 10+ to NYC. There are Chanel locations in the Neiman's and Saks stores at Summerset. Hotels in Detroit/Troy will be much cheaper than NYC as well.
  8. I think you should get the one in the US because if you've found your prefect bag you shouldn't let it slip away
  9. The US and Canada have very different buys, I had this conversation with a SA at Bloor street. If you find what your looking for in the US then buy it. FYI, I drive to Detroit all the time, Somerset mall is great!!

    Hope this helps:smile:

    Good luck
  10. Thank you everyone for your help! I love to hear everybody's different opinions/experiences. I feel as though I will never find my bag in Canada, and from what everybody is saying, the US has much better selection. If I go and get this bag I will just carry it on me for the ride home. Any other tips/hints/suggestions you all have would be so very helpful!

    Thank you :hugs:
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    If you're doing a day trip, there is no personal exemption. If you can stay for more than 48 hours then your personal exemption limit is $800... still not enough for a bag though but at least you may not get pulled in for secondary check :sad:

    If you do a day trip, and you declare nothing, be expected to get pulled in for a secondary check and they will thoroughly search your vehicle and bag. Therefore unless you are prepared to throw away all that beautiful packaging (box, ribbon, camellia, booklet) then you may wanna declare the bag. If you don't and get caught you'll be paying a hefty penalty and you will be flagged whenever you cross the border. I wouldnt want to risk it with CBSA.

    I understand your dilemma, but in the end, there wont be any cost savings, cause the exchange rate for USD is currently 1.10, you'll be paying state tax, and when you cross back into Canada you will be paying duty + taxes (duty approx 25-30% + 13% HST)
  12. What I was thinking of doing is wearing the bag back, and before we leave NYC, going to a USPS office and mailing back the box with the bows, booklet, camelia etc, and throw in a shirt or two, and mailing it to my house in Canada.

    I was also going to buy a couple of small things to claim for when we come home.

  13. Like the previous person said, Canadian customs officials aren't only born yesterday; you'd be a lot better off declaring than trying to pretend you left with this bag. That's a big risk of paying penalties and flagging yourself. I'd not risk it. They may also check your package with the box, camellia, etc. and wonder why you have a brand new box but no bag and come looking for the accompanying bag.