Chanel Dilema Help!!

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  1. I really want a Chanel urban spirit backpack and from what the Chanel stores are telling me and what I see they sale out pretty fast I can't afford to purchase it right now considering my birthday just passed and my sons and we took him to Disneyland but I was wondering should I sale one of my CHANEL bags and fund it so that I can purchase it before it's sold out I was thinking about selling my Chanel Chain Around in brown now I loved this bag and died for it but it's not my favorite anymore and the strap is a little long for me and it's starting to look tacky I'm only 5'1 and the strap hangs about 24" would You sale this bag for a back pack I posted a pic of the backpack as well

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  2. Yes I would sell the brown bag to get the backpack in a heartbeat. If you don't use the brown bag that much, let it go and fund something you will enjoy.
  3. I agree with Jennista! You should sell the brown Chain Around bag. It sounds like you've fallen out of love with the brown bag, and if you like the backpack then go for it!
  4. I agree! Also, is you want to preorder the quilted version, they have it available for preorder at hirsh or if you want the chevron I peeked at act 2 for nordstroms and they had it in there. Tax free if you don't live in ny for first option or some dept store points for the second option. Hope you get a little bonus with your upcoming purchase!