Chanel Diaper Bag

  1. Hello!

    So I heard that Chanel makes a diaper bag. It comes in pink or black and has the animal print on it. Has anybody seen this bag in their boutiques?

    I have a one a half year old and would love one of these! :yes:
  2. I think you're talking about the baby animals collection. The line has a large tote and very cute. There are previous threads with pictures posted.
  3. Have you checked out LV diaper bag yet? i like those better...
  4. That bag is adorable! What is the retail on it?

  5. ^ Love it!! Adorable. I would also check out the Ritz ligne. The canvas is coated and should wear like iron - similar to an LV monogram bag.
  6. Not sure on the retail. I will call the boutique today and find out. I think it's cute too!

    Now I just need a baby! :roflmfao:
  7. That Is One Gorgeous Diaper Bag...Soooo Precious!!! :smile:
  8. I have the diaper bag in pink. I love it and use it practicually every day. It's my favorite and i've collected quite a few. I have the gucci, burberry, and 3 kate spades. I thought the LV was cute but loved the pink baby animals so much more.
  9. I saw it and the Ritz bag today. I'm telling you, they are a dead ringer for any basic baby bag on the market that retails for $35. Cute, but for $1500, I want more than cute.

    I considered the Ritz for my text books and laptop, but it simply isn't big enough; back to my Lands End tote, I guess.

    BTW, both are available at Saks in Chevy Chase if you are interested.
  10. Hm, can't edit my post. Oh well.

    Meant to say the Paris Biarritz bag, not the Ritz bag. So sorry about that.
  11. baby animals diaper bag is $1575...................I have seen both colors alot whenever i go into Saks or NM here (which is almost as often as i enter my own house :p )

    the good thing about it is when your baby gets older, it would look great as an actual purse, big (actually, just long.....looks like a rather small suitcase but still chic), but very light...........
  12. cute bag!