Chanel Diaper Bag If You Don't Have Kids??? (Just because its so cute?!)

  1. Ladies.....leave it to me to have a weird question
    here it is: if you loved a certain Chanel print (i.e., baby animal) and the diaper bag in said print is about $800 less than the regular tote, would you buy the diaper bag anyway even if you are kidless, just because you adore it so much? The diaper bag is very wide, but not as overwhelming in size as the baby whale silver cabas that swallowed me up a couple of months ago. The diaper baby animal bag is large in length-wise and will not slouch, which may make it look like the side of a barn against my side (its a shoulder bag), its made of corduory, and has the adorable print with all the little animals. Very soft. I just can't justify paying the $2,300 for a Chanel cloth bag in the regular tote version.

    Please help with this strange obsession! Advice please? :nuts: :blush: :wondering cannot get thoughts of baby animals out of my mind. Maybe i should volunteer at a petting zoo or something and satisfy cravings that way
  2. Can u get a pic of it?

    Personally, I don't mind getting a diaper bag for myself cos I have plans to get one and I have no kids. Like yourself, I fell in love with the size (exact dimension of what I was looking for).

    So, if you really like it.. I say go ahead and grab the bag!! :yes:
  3. Even if you buy it and dont have kids ... you might have kids some day =)
  4. If you like it get it..Who cares if its a diaper bag..and it saves ya mula!!lol
  5. thanks ladies
    if i have kids someday i will be the worlds oldest mom, LOL
    when the kids are in second grade i will be 80, their grandma will be 103
    scary thought..............:p
    but this bag is so priceless.....i don't have a pic, but its like the pics being posted of the baby animal jewelry......bunnies, butterflies, owls, snails, in pink and blue and yellow and other pastel colors with little black cc's on each animal...........
    thanks Jill,,,,that helps me, i know you always give good and honest advice and opinions!! remember to post pics of your new baby, the cotton club tote!
  6. i say go for it!
  7. I'm intrigued! Post pics please!
  8. same here ! :yes:

  9. Oh, I'd love to see a pic!
  10. Lets see....reasons to get one if you don't have kids... feel free to add more...

    1. Great for rainy days
    2. overnight trips
    3. Carry-on luggage (diaper bags are easy to clean!)
    4. You may adopt a kid?????
    5. to use at the pool/beach/spa
    6. gym? (hey...why not .... its luxurious) :sweatdrop:
    7. You've slept on it...and you still JUST WANT it.:graucho:
    8. You don't want it to be the 'one tht got away'.....
  11. I want to see pics! And why did I think you were in your 30s, Claudia? :biggrin: You must sound young.
  12. If you really love it, I say why not? Get it!:nuts:
  13. Who cares what it's purpose is for. A knife is used to cut meat but I've used knives to cut string, open packages of food, etc. If you like it and it suits your needs: go for it. I'm with eveyrone else: pictures!
  14. I do not have kids and I own 2 Kate Spade diaper bags. Since they are large, I use them as work bags and travel bags. If you love it, buy it! Don't let the name stop you from owning something you love!
  15. If you love it, get it. I'm getting curious though, so pics please :smile: