chanel diana vintage flap - yay or nay

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  1. hello! I'm considering a 4 series (abt 1996?) vintage flap. the corners are all perfect and the turnlock logo isn't tarnished. do you guys think that USD2300 is a reasonable price for this condition? I've attached the pic from the seller.

    any thoughts would be appreciated!

    I'll probably give up thoughts on the mini rectangular for now as I find the diana flap would be a better add to my collection.

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  2. here's the pic of the front of the bag.

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  3. I love the Diana flap! This vintage seems to be in great condition. I am not sure how much the new one is but I do love the quality of the hardware on the vintage bags.

    I am not sure about price though but it's a lovely bag!
  4. Hi there,
    This price seems roughly consistent if not somewhat lower than those on eBay in similar condition. It's a gorgeous bag. You might try checking the sold listings for more definitive answers. Personally I don't think it's too out of line. Good luck to you.
  5. I think it is a nice bag...and it would appear from the pics to be in good condition.
  6. I have the same bag in excellent condition with auth card, dustbag and original box. This asking price seems to be on the higher end of the range for these bags. I have the 9" size and this looks to be the same. Price of course is higher for the 10" size and all the caviar versions. Depends on how much u love the bag. This one seems to be in great condition but I would make sure it comes with everything. If bag only, then definitely higher asking price
  7. last december, i saw the 8" version (in same excellent condition as the one you're considering) sell for about $1800-$1900 on Ebay.
  8. My friend just bought the 10" version in great condition for $1600 (Listing price was $2100, she made an offer of $1600 and they accepted it!). The seller was Onquestyle. She has received the bag, and it looks great just like in the listing.

    The one in your picture looks like 8-9", and $2300 is a lot, I think.
    Even if they don't have the Make Offer option, you can always message them and ask. Sometimes they will agree.
    Good luck!
  9. thanks everyone who replied with your thoughts. I decided to go ahead anyway as there was an authentication service and also the possibility to return it, and it came with the full set except receipt.

    the usd price I stated was an approximate conversion of the currency where I live. after doing some research for sellers in my country they are mostly ard this price for the better condition ones/the newer series. I could probably get a 10" for this price yes but I much prefer the original 9" that princess diana carried :smile:

    can't wait to receive it!
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  10. Beautiful bag - looking forward to your reveal!