Chanel Diana Flap Bag

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  1. Hey guys! I got my new (to me) 3 series Diana flap a few days ago and kindly authenticated by Roku (thanks again!). I had a rectangular mini in lambskin that I returned because I just couldn't bring myself to use (and probably cause I'm holding out for caviar [emoji12])


    However I am a little concerned about the tarnishing/scratches(?) on the hardware and would like to know what I can do about that.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460919182.060924.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460919193.061554.jpg

    Also (sorry it's getting lengthy) there are a few spots on the front flap where it seems to have accumulated dust under the stitching...? Any ideas for that?


    And a piece of the chain is coming apart...


    I'm not expecting a bag this age to be 100% perfect but would any of these be an issue to you guys? The overall condition is excellent; there are no hard scratches or scuffs and it's still really puffy (unless someone can tell me that this bag has been redyed or anything).

    Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. Except for the chain coming apart a bit, none of that would honestly bother me... but I'm not very picky about things like that. You could always send it to Leather Surgeons for a touch-up + chain repair if you wish? That's probably a good idea anyway, IMO :smile:

    I think your bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love Diana flaps. Congrats and enjoy her!
  3. I just bought a Diana flap from Boutique Patina that has some of the same flaws, with some tarnishing on the hardware and some strap issues. I knew about these issues before buying the bag though, so I knew what I was getting into and I figured the flaws were priced into the discount I was getting compared to a brand new bag. I agree that maybe look into getting the strap fixed, just so it doesn't come apart more, but otherwise, it looks beautiful!

    Almost all of my Chanels were purchased new, and I think it's actually kind of freeing to have a bag that isn't in perfect condition to begin with. I won't freak out if I end up scratching it here and there. :biggrin: Enjoy your Diana!!

  4. Thank you! I thought about it too... I would focus on having the bag not come apart on me rather than stress about tarnishes. I'm super excited to use her!

  5. I will definitely enjoy her! She feels completely different from the rect lambskin mini I had... I'm not as hesitant to use her because she has lasted this long and the surface is almost perfect. And I do agree with you on it about being freeing that I don't need to baby the bag!!
  6. You can use a jeweler's cloth for the tarnishing, especially the CC's, and it will work like a miracle.
    just be careful not to get it on the leather.

    The bag is beautiful. The newly released Dianas from Chanel don't even compare.

  7. Thanks Roku! I'll definitely give that a try. I was set on a rectangular mini flap till I learned of the Diana flaps and I don't regret it at all!
  8. Hi Ladies,
    I recently bought a vintage Diana flap but was bothered by the "dry patches" on the bag. It's matt and seems to have been caused by friction or wrong product that was used on it. The seller didn't inform me before hand :sad: Any idea how i can remove this or polish this?

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  9. i have a 9" diana that i touch up with meltonian shoe cream in black - assuming that what you posted is an area that is lighter black than the rest of the black, this works wonders!! if it's just dry or cracking then i would use the meltonian delicate cream to polish it up and give it a little moisture. HTH!!
  10. IMG_6178.JPG
    I used the Meltonian All-Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner but it didn't seem to help. Tried a little Leather Honey, didn't seem to make any difference. I am afraid I might ruin it even more :sad:

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  11. I'm wondering if that spot is from a chemical, it looks like an off spot for a rub/friction cause. Is the spot located under the flap?
  12. I was wondering that too, but the seller didn't mention. If its a spot from a chemical, can this be salvaged? It a spot on the front near the clasp but it will be covered by the flap.

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  13. Hi everyone,
    I was thinking of purchasing a chanel diana 10" inches but for some reason the interior of the bag that the seller is selling is beige? Can someone tell me if this is normal?

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  14. This has been redyed. The bag was originally beige but redyed to black
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