Chanel Diamond Tote

  1. Wow.... that is amazing!!!
  2. OMG, you could buy a house for the price of that handbag. even if I had the money to buy such a purse, I don't think I would. sure its gorgeous but $260,000 for a purse is crazy. I guess if I had Oprah money;)
  3. i want one too!!! but its gunna be awhile until ill be able to even get my hands on
  4. Wow, is it me or does the white alligator skin make that look like a Chanel thats been mummified.(hehe) :roflmfao: Sorry if I have offended any Chanel fans out there.:s
  5. ^^^ It does look mummified!!! IS anyone on TPF buying this bag?
  6. Holy Moly, that's insane!
  7. *sigh* so pretty!
  8. you need a bodyguard just to carry that thing!

  9. haha very true!!!
  10. yeah imagine leaving that bag somewhere by accident. i'd feel like i just had my house destroyed in a fire!!!
  11. oh i was going to post this one as well. Yes, it's crazy.......It will be here in December though.

    So anyone want it?? ;)
  12. I'll take it!!! (if someone gives it to me!!!!)
  13. lol no kidding.
  14. It's not even worth that kind of money. Big Deal...its has only 3.56 ct in diamonds. For that money, I wanna see at least 100 carats. HA! And the $42,00 LV Tribute bag has to be one of the UGLIEST bags I have ever seen IMO. I mean, what IS that? This has been a scary experience. LOL. At least the Chanel bag looks beautiful and classy (which is to be expected of course :smile:. For all the other bags it was like....hmm...let's make the ugliest bags we can think of and charge the most money for them.