Chanel Diamond Stitch

  1. Just came from Neiman Marcus (King of Prussia, PA). I picked up a black Chanel Diamond Stitch. This bag is gorgeous. I dealt with Stacey in the Chanel Boutique. She was marvelous.;)
  2. Pics ??????:confused1: :yes: :yes:
  3. Sorry I don't have a picture to post. Stacey at Neimans e mails me photos of bags so I don't have to drive from Philly to the store. She recently emailed me photos from the Chanel trunk show. She really is fabulous!:heart:
  4. ooh..Ive dealt with wasnt too positive,she gave me attitude when I bought a bag from an SA other than her...eek....
  5. I think I've dealt with Florence there..I usually like going to Saks instead,they're usually more helpful.
  6. I also prefer the Chanel SAs at Saks City Ave over Neimans KOP.