Chanel Diagonal Owners

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  1. Hi...Well, I purchased a New Chanel Diagonal Flap in black. BTW, this is my first Chanel (was an LV LoVer prior..) and I really like it, but on the chain/leather strap there are these shoulder pad things....they are permanently (at least I can tell) kinda wrapped there..

    So....THEY BUG takes so long to put the bag on my shoulder and Go....You have to make sure they are centered in the middle and make sure the right side is down. dilemma...Does anyone know a way of getting these off? I moved them down to the end and the strap (metal) is very comfortable without it, so I am confused on the point for them....If I take it to Chanel can they take them off? Or is there a way to take them off the chain an easy way? Or do I need to just cut them off?

    Pics are here for you to understand BTW..I really like my first Chanel and the leather is really nice and yummy@



  2. NO helpers? PLEASE
  3. If you absolutely hate them and are sure you won't grow to like them later on, you can just cut them off I suppose?
  4. I can see what you mean. I guess you could ask chanel if they could send the bag off to have them removed, but if you really don't like them, I would just cut them off. I agree that they don't look like they're serving a functional purpose and the bag would probably look better w/o them.
    Hard to decide though, b/c it feels like you're devalueing (don't think that's a word) the bag and I usually don't condone DIY projects when it comes to Chanel.
    Wait to see what others think.
  5. Thanks for the advice....They really are a pain, everytime I pick up the bag...Even if I am just hand holding it, because they have to be perfectly in the middle and they actually make the straps slide off my shoulder more often....

    When I pushed them to the very end, the straps stayed on my shoulder so much better and NEVER came off..
  6. I have this bag is the dark beige color, and the straps pads don't bother me, but if it bothers you, then maybe you should cut them off.
  7. Maybe you can take the bag to a quality leather repair place and they could remove it without cutting it so you could replace it later if you ever wanted to sell the purse?????

    I would be hesitant to change a Chanel design but I bet there is a good go around.
  8. ^that is EXACTLY what I was going to suggest!:yes: