Chanel Diagonal CC Tote

  1. Has anyone seen the Chanel Diagonal CC tote at a trunk show? If so, thoughts??? TIA... :flowers:
  2. This one...or another color...

  3. The other color is black. I also love this bag and kept thinking about it. I think this color is beautiful, but really, what color of clothes do you match this bag with? And with this price, I really can get another birkin if I top up a bit more.
  4. I haven't seen it in person but in pics I LOVE this one!
  5. I LOVE :love: that bag.......the price KILLS me :hysteric: though but I LOVE :heart: IT!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  6. I believe black is in calfskin a bit less than beige which is in lambskin...I would so like to know more about the size...

    Sophia, Your issue is my dilemma exactly...$4K for Chanel = 1/2 next birkin...

    Other issue...shoulder bag/tote (Chanel) or armheld bag (Birkin)...really must choose one...I think...
  7. I can't carry an arm/hand held. . . and I'd rather have 2 Chanel's or one plus a wallet and shoes!:yes:
  8. My secret plan (under consideration) may be to buy one myself and convince DH that the other would make a great holiday gift!
  9. Oh I love this bag--does the black have gold or silver hardware? if silver, I am banned from it! I do like this color it sort of a butterscotch or more of a true tan?
    the price is definitely going to be hard to swallow though!:Push:
  10. Oh, good question! I did not ask about hardware. It seems like it might be a fairly large bag...larger than the large DS tote perhaps??? Hoping someone has seen it IRL! Yes, the price! Makes me rethink the Modern Chain tote a bit...
  11. Is it at least bigger than the large GST, I wonder?

    Is this a cruise/spring offering and why have I not seen it in the stores?
  12. yes, it's Spring, not available yet.
  13. The hardware is the same on both the black and beige. That's what I gather from my SA.
  14. I love the photo and am happy to hear it comes in black and even happier to hear it is priced less. Can't wait to see it in person. Its my understanding that we should see it in a trunk show in February (according to the rep at the Fashion Island NM trunk show). Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful spring bags. The photos inspire me a lot more than the cruise collection.
  15. The leather on this bag looks really luxurious :love: and the color is amazing - at least on my monitor ;). It looks like a bag that you wouldn't want to put down, instead, you'd want to pet it - it has that really soft, cozy look to it. Too bad the price doesn't have the same effect on me :rolleyes: .