Chanel Desktop Wallpaper

  1. Hi.. I just downloaded some gorgeous LVs wallpaper from the LV thread. ME was wondering if anyone has Chanel wallpaper??

    Thot it would be interesting to start a thread on this altho I hope we dun infringe any law. To start, I only have this as wallpaper, not as impressive as LVs.

    I hope you can see the pic. :smile:
    Wallpaper - Chanel Stripes Chain.jpg
  2. what do you use this for?
    desktop background?
  3. I like it, I always use something Chanel for my wallpaper. Yes it is for desktop background. Whenever I see a Chanel image I like I just right click and choose "set as background". I wish there were somewhere to download Chanel wallpaper, the quality of the image would be so much better that way.
  4. yeap... its for background. :yes:
  5. i would like to see some other ones as well! :smile:
  6. Ooh so cute! Do you have any more?
  7. Hi again ladies.. I was stuck at home today so I did some tinkering on my laptop. I do some designing and illustrations in my spare time and today, spurred by my chanel addiction, I decided to make a lil something to use as a desktop wallpaper. I would looooove a red chanel like this some day but for now I'm happy drooling at this on my computer screen instead :wlae: Just let me know if you guys want it in a different screen size :yes:

  8. OMG!!! This is a gorgeous pic to be set as wallpaper!!! Gosh Bagzilla.. you're sooo creative!!!! And thanks for sharing with us too!

    I loooooove the color!!!
  9. wow... it's pretty! thanks :yes:

  10. Bagzilla!! I love it!!!!! This will do for now while waiting for the real red flap to fall on my lap. ;)

    The "tPF" on the CC is a nice touch. Thank you for sharing! Keep'em coming!
  11. the belt was from last season try eBay.
  12. bagzilla ur the greatest!!! I have a pretty big screen and it looks perfect on it!! Not pixely or anything!! Love how it has the purse forum touches!!!!!!
  13. You should start a new thread in the Chanel Shopping Forum. . . most people won't open this thinking it's only about wallpaper. ;)
  14. Wow! Great Wallpaper!! Thanks!