Chanel Denim Coco Cabas – Please help!!

  1. I need this bag!!! Style no: A35108Y04512

    Does anyone know where I can get one? Well let me rephrase – anywhere that takes Visa? I don’t have Amex. =(
  2. I know where..if you need more info..PM me
  3. Dear Ms. Oahctrec:

    There is 1 available that my SA at NM thinks I might want, but I've turned her down due to I am on Hermes mode now...

    If you are interested, you can call Karen at 973-912-0080 and tell her you are refer by Morgan. She is holding it til tomorrow in case I change my mind....

    NM is having DOUBLE points day til tomorrow, so you can try to open a NM charge of which you'll get $ back in terms of gift card!!!

    Good Luck,
  4. Tracy, the NM in the fashion show mall takes visa. You could call them and see if the SA can track one down for you.
  5. saw one in Chanel boutique at 57th (NYC) today. might have more.
  6. The Chanel at the Wynn Las Vegas has a Large and X-Large one they are the only ones left there. There is this very nice SA Stephanie there if you want to purchase one. I hope this helps! Its so lovely!!!
  7. I found one yesterday! Thanks everyone for your help!! =)