Chanel Decisions

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  1. Hi All!

    I got a chanel easy caviar in jumbo black. I love it and it's huge. I also put my name on waitlists for a mini and woc. Although I haven't gotten any calls yet that they've come in, I can't stop thinking about what they would look like on. I am not unhappy with my easy caviar, I just always wonder what would suit me best. (I can only afford one right now!)

    Does anyone have all 3, or something similar that could give me some advice on which they like best?

    I guess my thoughts were that I would use the easy caviar more- it fits more, so it could be used as a daytime/night time bag, while the other 2 can't fit much. It was also not too much more $ than the woc or mini compared to the price of a classic jumbo.
  2. I have all Easy Caviar in Blue, Mini in pearly beige and WOC in Dark silver. I use them in different occassion. I usually use my easy caviar during work day and my mini and woc during weekend. Since easy caviar fit more, i can put my ipad mini, wallet, phone and lotion there. For mini, i only can put wallet, keys and phone. WOC would fit a bit more than mini with extra sunglasses. I love all my Chanel purchase. I think it depend how you use you bag. If you prefer everyday use, i suggest you should keep your easy caviar. It can be crossbody and double chain. It seem more secure with zipper and flap. It has the classic look, but not the classic flap's price. You save lots more for its look. Good luck !
  3. Are you thinking of selling your easy caviar?

    I recommend that you keep it and save for either a woc or mini if you want a smaller bag. If I had to pick I would get a bag that has more capacity first and then later on get a smaller one.
  4. Thats exactly what I did- it's my first Chanel, so I got the one with the most capacity for the $ first. I can't really use it for work, but plan to use it for weddings, showers, dinner dates with DH, etc. I just want to make sure I get what is most practical. It is pretty big, so I want to make sure it's the best choice for the occasions I plan on wearing it.
  5. Why aren't you as contented with ur easy caviar jumbo
    Did u go to the store to try on the mini n woc as well?
    I have the same bag and I love it a lot :smile:
  6. I tried on the woc and the chain was a bit too long on me. then i tried on the mini and loved it and put my name on wait lists and as i was waiting, i came across an easy caviar. it had the best of everything- space, the chain can be worn in diff ways bc it has 4 grommets, its caviar, and a great price point.

    I think i'm just second guessing myself because it was an expensive purchase. I have the woc out of my head, but not the mini.
  7. i went to my local nm and tried on a mini this past weekend. I really like it and i'm going to keep waiting until they get one in that i like and then i will try both on and compare! ohhhhhh the stress :P
  8. Easy caviar is 3000 while a mini is 2400. There is a M/L sized Easy caviar for 2800.
    Given the price for each and the size, I would probably go with the 2800, since you said the jumbo easy is too big on you. I have the Jumbo Easy and a mini and I love both! I would tell you to buy both to work for ALL occasion but since you said you can only do 1, I would do the easy caviar one now. You can get more use of a daily sized bag than a special occasion sized chanel.
  9. they were sold out of the m/l easy unfortunately, otherwise i totally agree with you h-angel!!! that would have been my first choice.

    what do you use your jumbo for? do you use it at weddings?
  10. My jumbo is in the cobalt blue color and I use it as a daily bag. I probably wont use it for wedding or anything formal.
  11. Maybe you should put your name in for wait list for medium easy caviar then? Seems you think jumbo is too big.

  12. I totally would if i wasn't impatient!!!
  13. I have the jumbo easy caviar and I love it. I have black and I think I could easily carry it to a wedding or night out. I took to a USO charity event this past weekend and it was great. I also ordered the black woc to use as a wallet and small crossbody or clutch. I really like the jumbo though as it holds more and I am normally a tote girl.