Chanel Decisions

  1. Hi all, I am in a dilemma now, torn between a Medallion and a Classic Jumbo. Tell me, which should i get 1st? Currently my store has run out of stck for the classic jumbo and I am on WL for it... but meanwhile they still have stock for the Medallion. Should I wait for the jumbo or get the Medallion 1st? Also I need to be very clear in the decision I made as I don want to burn a hole in my pocket.. please help me if you can... would appreciate very much.. perhaps tell me, what other chanel bags is worth the splurge? Thanks!
  2. What would you get most use out of? Get the one you absolutely love more and will use more often. Do you already have any flaps? If so, get the Medallion, at least its different. Although I have a Jumbo, I find flaps hard to get in and out of, as compared to a tote. Good luck making your choice...
  3. Hmm, i do not have any flaps at all. Used to have a cambon but have since sold it as the handles are not too comfy.. I like comfy bags, easy accessible bag and fuss free.. would the medallion be a good choice?

    I like totes actually coz its much spacious and easier to carry around.
  4. Sounds like you already have an answer :tup:
    Some people say the GST provides easier access than the Medallion. Go to the store and try both on to see which is more comfortable for you. They're the same price anyways.
    Now, get it before the dreaded price increase quick!
  5. When I read the question, my mind said flap but as continued reading, you answered your own question. As Aurora said, try the bags and see which one you love.
  6. Wait for the jumbo...
  7. I feel that Jumbo is not difficult to access, I have it, you can adjust the chain to different lengths to suit your outfit... I personally think that Medallion tote is lovely and will prefer it to the GST... Both Jumbo and medallion are grest bags IMO... you just have to decide do you want a flap or a tote?
  8. Hi IceEarl, I know that eventually someday I will get both ..its just that right now I'm confused over which to get 1st.. since the jumbo is on waitlist .. and i'm dying for a Chanel fix... hee hee.. so whatcha tink if i shld just wait it out or just get the tote.. in this case if i wait, i save on the $$..and splurge it later.:okay:
  9. sounds like you prefer the tote. and i'd consider the gst for easier access over the medallion.
  10. Teddy, I would always vote for the jumbo over the medallion but it does sound like you're leaning towards the medallion. I find the jumbo really easy to get in and out of, and love the fact that I feel that the bag is quite secure because of the flap (I have the habit of leaving my totes open when carrying them...). Are you able to get to a store to try them both on?
  11. Hi alwaysinvogue, i will be popping by the store tom to try on the jumbo (though its out of stck now):sad: and to all who answered to my thread, my SA has kept a Paris Biarritz for me (medium w/o side pockets), do you think I shld get the PB instead of the medallion NOW? :shrugs:And of coz, PB is cheaper than the medallion... as i said, eventually when the jumbo arrives I will definitely get it.. though I have read from some threads that the Jumbo are taking a long time to arrive here... sigh...
  12. Oh Gosh... I am no help here...I have the exact PB tote (it's lovely but not leather tho)... guess you just have to go to the shop and try them out IRL.. hope they have all 3 for you to try... let us know...
  13. Jumbo!
  14. Since you will get both, then why not get the one that is available now? :smile: Then you can enjoy one of the two Chanels earlier :smile:
  15. I vote jumbo. Is there anyway to have on transferred or maybe someone here knows a store that has it in stock so you can have it now?