Chanel Deauville tote in tweed - need opinions please

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  1. Looking to make a choice between red and black from 2019 prefall collection. The one that is made from soft tweed with Lurex. Of course I would prefer black, but red is a better price deal. What do you think about this red for year around. Especially if you have seen in real life. Thanks.
    upload_2019-8-10_16-19-23.jpeg upload_2019-8-10_16-19-53.jpeg
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  2. I personally prefer black bags, especially if they're a big tote bag since they're a workhorse type of bag and don't get used as carefully as mini bags so black is always the safer option. For small or mini bags, red would be lovely though
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  3. Black! I got the black one and it's really pretty in person :smile: someone on Instagram said the red looked a little faded in person
  4. I agree. With big bags especially if you are going to be using it often it’s hard to keep clean. The Deauville tote in beige or light denim is so pretty but gets grubby after 1 year so I think I would go black too :smile: also a coloured big bag imo is much harder to style where as black is more neutral and will go with everything
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  5. I actually bought turquoise tweed and received many compliments even from Chanel SAs.

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  6. Thank you. Is it a colour (turquoise) that can be worn year around or summer? Thanks again for posting.
  7. yeah. this is a good color.
  8. I wear it all the time and cary many things in it.
    I bought it in June this year prior leather ones being released. The Chanel print has purple/grey sparkle in the light.. I saw red one too but I liked the turquoise better.
    It’s personal preference.
  9. how much are these lurex deauville large size? thanks guys
  10. are these large sizes? how much again" thanks
  11. Aloha! I had the black one and it was beautiful. However, I sold it within a few months after because it was so darn heavy. I only carried the basics but this bag hurt my shoulders and was way too heavy. That is why I bought the small size that has only the shoulder straps instead and that fits my lifestyle much better.
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  12. Trying to decide on the small or large size- what do you all prefer? I want to use this everyday and I’m thinking large might be too big
  13. Which size fits better to your lifestyle? Do you have to carry laptop or other devices or A4 folders/documents on a daily basis? If yes, I would get the large.
  14. Just daily mom stuff- diapers, wipes, sippy cup....small would prob be ok.
  15. I think with the baby the small is easier to manage, unless you want to have the option to carry the bag by hand, then the extra handles on the large would be handy.
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