Chanel Deauville Sell or Keep

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  1. I purchased this Chanel Deauville Tote in leather less than a month ago and I don't reach for it!!

    I am starting to regret purchasing it even though I really needed a tote in my collection,

    I currently have 4 classics flaps so I wanted to keep my next putchase in Chanel and that's why I got this tote!

    Any advise in what I should do? Keep it make it work or sell it and get a boy bag? Or another brand tote that is not LV!

    Thank you

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  2. It's lovely. I think you should hold on to it for awhile. It may just be that you haven't found a use for it yet, but you may soon. It would make an awesome bag to take with you on a long day trip or while traveling. Also looks like it would be a great bag for work. I think with all the small bags you have you will have the need for this tote.
  3. I love this bag!
  4. I like the design of this bag. I vote for you to keep it.
  5. Keep it, I think it will be useful for summer outings
  6. I'm in the same boat as you! I searched everywhere for my canvas deauville and finally got it, almost 2 months later I still haven't used it. Debating if I should keep or sell :sad: Good luck deciding
  7. The bag is beautiful but I was in the same boat as you as I loved my flap bags more than my GST. I ended up selling the GST and have had zero regrets (even though I too need a dressier tote in my life)!
  8. I love my Deauville (I have the smaller/pink one from the same season as yours) because you can toss a sweater or shawl in it, something you can't do with classic flaps. It hangs over the back of bistro chairs better than the flaps do (always a nightmare there), and I feel like the coated leather is low-maintenance but polished. It's Chanel's best answer to LV's Neverfull in terms of practicality, and your black Deauville seems like the most professional color for work as well. Keep it if it makes your heart happy, sell if it's too practical and not classic enough for your lifestyle :smile:
  9. Thank yoU so much for your reply.. I needed a tote so much in my like bc I am really tired of using my Longchamp pilage every single day!!! I really loved this Chanel tote and now that I have it am still debating if I should keep it??? Maybe I should keep it and add another Tote to my collection!! any suggestions??
  10. That pink you have is so pretty!!! I am not one for black bags but ever since my Chanel addiction kicked in I love the Black with SHW.. I can't wait till I finally let color in.. I feel like pleasentville.. lol
  11. I sold both my GST too.. and never missed them.. I think the classics are the holy grail but just like you I need a comfy everyday tote.. What other Tote do you like? or wish you could add to your collection? everyone in my area has the LV NF and even though its a great bag its just so overplayed..
  12. YES!! your not alone, I am afraid it won't be easy to carry around!!! I currently use a Longchamp Pilage and its so light weight that I am afraid of this bag feeling heavy.. I hardly use my classics either..
  13. Thank you am going to give it a try!! I also feel like I would miss this bag if I let it go... the back pocket has me at HELLO... LOL
  14. Thank you,,, so sweet
  15. Why do you want to sell it? Is that cuz you've not reached it yet and just don't have any chance to carry any tote?