Chanel dark silver 2.55 JUMBO Size

  1. hi Girls,

    I need some help here!
    I am recently really into the "Chanel 2.55 flap bags" these days ..i've bought a Medium Black Metallic Flap, a small White Carviar flap, and also the smallest size in Dark Metallic that goes across the body. Now, I am also looking at the Dark Silver 2.55 Jumbo Size flap. The two I bought recently both have the new type of Metallic chains. Would it be too much if I get another one of the Dk. silver metallic Jumbo in this season ? Also, does the jumbo size in metallic looks odd ?

    thank you so much for your input!:heart:
  2. I am a bit confused, are you talking about getting the dark silver 2.55 (the reissue) in size 227 or 228?

    It looks like you have mixed up the name for the timeless classic flap and the 2.55(which is commonly referred as the reissue). timeless classic flaps come in size mini, small, medium/large and Jumbo, and 2.55 flaps come in size 224, 225, 226, 227 and some in 228.

    It will be better if you can post pics of what you already have and the dark silver that you are referring to.
  3. oops, sorry, I am new to Chanel , let me post the bags i currently have. The Dark Silver one I am looking at, is a size bigger than my metallic black reissue.
  4. hi IceEarl,
    Those three handbags are showing in my avatar on the left side. I am still trying to figure out how to insert images here :sad:
  5. Actually I have the same problem as you. Recently I bought the met dark silver reissue 226. And now SA called me that the met blk 227 is available... and I really into make the order.... but most of my friends are not supported...... can anyone help!
  6. Katiecmw,

    If you finally decided you wanted the met blk 227 and not the dark silver 226, could you sell it to me ? :drool:
    i've just figure out the Dark Silver Metallic one that I have on hold is size 227.
  7. a 227 is a great size, fits alot for everyday perfect, and you will see the diff. in size from the 226.. ( I have both 226 and 227)
  8. Actually I like the metallic so much. I agreed to some of the posts that the metallic color provides a young look. Just think if it would be too much to have both met blk and met dark silver. Currently I held up my order of met blk..... but i think about the bag everyday ar..... really inity....
  9. The dk silver 227 is TDF! absolutely stunning. I have it and love it. I think your dk silver wallet w/strap is stunning too -- saw it IRL at NM yesterday and thought about getting it! They are two different bags with different purposes.

    The good thing about Chanel is the shape/style is timeless so even a trend like metallic will be wearable for years.
  10. I love both dark silver and metallic black but i do think they are rather similar. How about a jumbo classic flap instead? :yes:
  11. Thanks for everyone's input, I have not received the Dark Silver 227 yet, I am still debating whether to get it or not.
  12. The dark silver 227 is so beautiful! Get it and then decide if you don't want it. If not, you might regret later that you didn't when you had the opportunity.
  13. I received my 227 Dark Silver Flap today, it's beautiful, but I decided not to keep it. I got 3 flaps within a month, and that's too much already :sad: I returned the 227 Dark Silver Falp and got a cameilia wallet in dark grey instead to match my black metallic 226. Thank you for everyone's input!