Chanel customer service

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  1. Yesterday I removed my white Chanel GST from its dustbag, much to my dismay there was an amber color stain running alng the seam of the zipper, it appears to be a seeping of the adhesive that is used when creating the bag. I called the Beverly Hills store and asked to have it evaluated as a defect, she matter of factly told me there was a defect list and that was not on it. I explained that this was not acceptable, that a 2300.00 bag seeps adhesive. She didn't say a word and said she could not send it in for evaluation. Does anyone have any idea what I should do next? I will start with their Corp. office. By the way it was the third time I was going to use the bag!! Please help me with any suggestions!
    Thank you,

  2. I would ask to talk to the manager at the Beverly Hills Boutique and see where that get's you. I don't see why they wouldn't send it in for repair at no cost to you.
  3. do you mind sharing what white, was it from this year. I have a while GST with GHW. Op I am sorry and I would go further up the food chain.
  4. how come noone is surprised by this?

    Chanel quality has been appalling lately..................not good
  5. lol. I wont comment!
  6. it is the Beverly Hills Anniversary edition of White with GHW, I am sick, the girl acted like no big deal!
  7. It is seeping along the top seam of the bag and around the seam of the center zipper!!:sad:
  8. Can you please post pics? I wonder if I have the same bag!!!
  9. yes!! I have been so careful the two times i used it and then this!!
  10. i'll try I have one on my phone, i know how to send it on a text,
  11. please try. Mine is from this summer and pure white with GHW. Limetited Edition
  12. I'll have to work on getting it to the purse forum! One of my kids will know how to do it!
  14. image[1].jpeg Here is a picture of the bag, the stain runs along the
    right side seam of zipper. you can enlarge the pic and see it better.
  15. Oh, that looks bad.