chanel customer service?...

  1. hi ladies! :nuts: im new to chanel and starting with accessories! i called the chanel boutique today at bal harbour shops to ask about a cuff.(the thick black one with large double c's in white) i talked to a lovely SA that told me its called the cambon cuff.

    she put me on hold to see if they had any, she came back and said no, then she said it's something they do get in and took my name and number and asked how many i wanted. i was very pleased she was very nice and gave me the name of an SA that will follow up with me.

    my question is, would the SA say they get them in.. even if they're not expecting any. i work in retail and we do take down names and numbers for people who want a certain something, but unfortunately some of the ppl i work (grr..) let things go out b4 the people on lists are called.

    im just hoping chanel is different and more trustworthy. i really want that cuff. so basically im anxiously waiting for a phone call, do you chanel ladies know if they'll follow up soon?!:shrugs:
  2. i think it depends on with whome you deal (SAs)...

    from my experience and what i had seen and heard .. there are certain SAs that they are so helpful/ sweetful/ trustful that they contact you before the shipments arrived .. & they make sure to get you what you want .. on the otherhand there are who only can do one thing : writing the waitlist :p

    i always put my name in waiting list but i rarely got a call .. and most of times i recall them and just to find that what i waitlisted for is gone :sad: but thank god i finaly find MY SA :heart:

    it may take time to find the first type .. but it's worth it

    Good luck :flowers:

  3. I think Bal Harbour only keeps a few items in and mostly does orders.
  4. I don't think they would say they were expecting some in if they weren't. I would just give them a follow-up call in a few weeks. In the meantime, I'd call around to other boutiques/Saks/Neimans...
  5. I know that when I went to the Boutique in Short Hills to inquire about the Cotton Club tote, I put my name on the waiting list. I was called on President's Day at work, but I was off, so the bag went back on the market. I got a call when another shipment of the bags came in from a totally different SA and was shocked that even though I didn't "claim" the bag the first time that they called back. So far my experience with Chanel customer service has been excellent.

    Pleae keep us posted.
  6. I believe those cuff will be in stock anytime soon (if it is a CC in black and white or white and black ) but if it is seasonal collection, it will not re-produce.