Chanel Customed Jewelry

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  1. Are they worth it? They're not even real.....and the price is crazy..
  2. I love my Chanel rhinestone studs! Keep in mind you're not so much paying for the material, but the label. :yes:

    And what can I say, I love Chanel!

    What I think is ridiculous is the earrings are $210, but the huge necklace is only around $150, I think.
  3. You are certainly paying for the Chanel name, but I have to say I am a fan of their stuff!
  4. Doublec ~ I Have Those, Too! They Are So Cute. I Got Them For A Gift & Forgot About Them. :sad: ....Time To Take Again!

    You Are Paying For The Name.....But, I LOVE The Pieces...They Are Just So Beautiful!!!

    I Want The Double C Pearl Necklace (Mischa Barton's!)......It Such A Beauty!!! :smile:
  5. i paid around $150 for my chanel cuff which i wear all the tim and absolutely love....i agree that you're paying for the label but i love all things chanel so i don't really mind :yes:
  6. personally i would not pay that price for custume jewelry but thats just me. for some of the prices they are asking you could easily get real stuff
  7. I think they are fun and I consider the logo studs and necklace classic everyday items as they won't go out of fashion. I don't think it's worth it to buy the more elaborate necklaces with plastic charms or big bulky bracelets and belts etc. I saw some pretty hideous Chanel accessories today and even at 30% and 50% off, I still wouldn't even consider buying them.
  8. haha, at first i thought chanel customizes jewelry!! i got excited for a moment.:lol:

    personally, i love chanel costume jewelry, depending on the season.
  9. i love it! the earrings are too cute! i don't mind that its costume, its chanel!
  10. I love my chanel double C's costume jewlery necklace :love: I got it for my birthday about a month ago, and, the only thing that sucks is that 2 of the rhinestones fell out!! I was so upset, but, when I called Chanel, the SA told me to bring it in and she gave me a brand new one right then and there! I really didn't want her to just fix it and have it happen again, and hopefully it won't happen again! But, yes, you deff. pay for the name...the necklace is 155 + tax, and I wanted the earrings, but, my sister convinced me to get the necklace, she said I'd get more use out of it (she was right lol) and when I asked how often this happened with the rhinestones, she said rarely, but, more with the earrings vs. the neckalce.
  11. I absolutely LOVE Chanel jewelry!:heart::biggrin:
  12. I've saved up money for a chanel necklace and earings! can't wait to get them!
  13. heeyyy i was duped!!:rolleyes: I thought that too!! oh well, still interesting thread:cool: pictures of these necklaces pleeeeease
  14. I love Chanel jewelry, also. Pictures, pictures, please!!!