Chanel cuise is in stock, Pantent red GST and jumbo, red caviar jumbo.


Feb 2, 2006
No offense to you, jieminyu, you were very kind to share this update :smile:

Yes the attached photo is the caviar, but if you click on the link there are 3 other photos, a patent jumbo, and a patent gst. The SA sent out a picture of my patent jumbo...l just find it interesting that an SA would do that.

That just seems wrong - if it is in stock, why not take the time to take their own picture?


Mar 3, 2007
I don't understand...I thought there were waitlists for these bags, why are clients being notified of general availability through email? And for the first shipments of these bags, too :shrugs:

I don't think the patent red jumbo and GST are waitlist. Plus I know they are getting another shipment for red caviar jumbo. Anyway, I just talked to my sales, my red caviar jumbo is on the way. I should be able to get it tomorrow. I am so happy.