Chanel Cuff

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  1. Hey
    I live in England and i was hoping to track down a chanel cuff does anyone in England Know of anywere that has them? is it only the chanel stores that sell them here? I tried eBay but theres one like $350 i think? and i'm not expert but thats alot over priced isnt it?
    I'm clueless i'm hopeless at tracking stuff down:crybaby:
    Any help would be appriciated!
    Thanks in advance
  2. The US retail price is $140
  3. Oh its way overpriced then :shame: I saw your pictures earlier of your cuff its gorgous!:smile:
  4. Thanks. I also have it in white/black:shame: I purchased both from the Chanel boutique on W 57th in NYC (212-355-5050) from Christine in accessories. It's worth a try to see if they still have any left.
  5. Ooh thanks :smile: Do the ship to England?
  6. Not sure, but I don't see why not?