Chanel Cuff Bracelet

  1. Hi

    I really like the chanel black with white CCs cuff bracelet or a similar one but I haven't seen them ever in London boutiques ive been in. Are these still available? Also how much do they retail for?

  2. I've been looking for it too! They sold out the first time around about over a year ago when it was for $120 US. Then it went to about $145 US or so and sold out again! I keep checking the chanel boutiques in CA, USA and they said they won't be getting it anymore, so sad. I still haven't got mine. The SA told me that CHanel got seud by a customer who had something go wrong with their wrist so they had to saw the cuff off or something like that, (I forgot the story) so the discontinued it. Doesn't that suck? It was such a great deal too!
  3. Btw, Mina211... I saw your wish list on either the gst or medallion. I say GST all the way. I have the GST and love it. I was looking at the medallion yes. at the boutique and was going to buy it, but its not that great in person, for me anyway. It looks so cute online but when I see it at the store, my views change for some reason. Its kinda boring to me if you know what I mean. Well, thats my opinion anyways, go with which ever makes you happy!
  4. I think that cuff is from another season and is unavailable in those colors.
  5. Yeah I think the GST looks more classic but its been affected by that awful price increase so I'll have to save up this year to get one.

    I'm really sad about that bangle. I'm tempted try eBay but they all look fake to me.