Chanel cuff bracelet is back

  1. My Chanel had the black and the white ones today!
  2. can you give the 1800 number so I can call about that bracelet. I just love that.
  3. yeah i loved that bracelet.. how much was it again...I am glad they brought it back.. usually they don't bring the accessories back...
  4. You can get the 1-800 number off the Chanel website. I don't have flash on my laptop, so I can't access the Chanel website for you. The NYC boutique on 57th street is where I ordered mine from. I can't wait to get it. The SA at NM in Charlotte said it was not coming back so I was shocked when they told me they had it. It's scheduled to arrive Mon or Tues!
  5. The 1-800 # is just going to have a store call you. . . you can call Alexis at the Dallas chanel and he'll ship you one ;)

  6. I would also recommend calling the store directly if you know they have the item you are looking for. There have been times where the 1-800 said the store would call me, but never did :sad: So now I let them locate the item and I call.
  7. may I ask how much this cost?
  8. $140.
  9. I have this cuff, its uber cute....although I havent worn it yet! LOL

  10. Which color did you get?
  11. i would love to see pics of the cuff worn.:flowers:
  12. I got my bracelet today. I LOVE it and can't wait to wear it. It's pretty bold, so I am not sure if it is appropriate for my job. But I will be wearing it this weekend for sure :smile:)
  13. I would love to see a pic of it being worn too. It's very pretty!