Chanel cuff bracelet and jewelry!

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  1. When I was in the Chanel boutique last week ordering my sunglasses, the SA had on this cuff bracelet:

    I fell in love! :love: They're sold out, but I asked her to give me a call when they're in. According to her, the cuff is $140, so the one above is a little above retail.

    Anyone else like this kind of jewelry? I collect lucite and Bakelite jewelry, especially chunky bangles, so I love this kind of stuff! :nuts:

    Just wanted to share :shame: I never knew Chanel had such great jewelry, they had some cute vintage-looking charm bracelets and a necklace with a black, white and matte silver theme, so pretty!
  2. VERY CUTE!!! I have tried their jewelry on..bought a belt that looks like jewelry(chain)...still looking...!!!
  3. Oooh, a belt would be great! I love belts :nuts: I just love the look of the cuff, very retro. A lot of the jewelry I saw there had a retro feel to it.
  4. I think it is really cute!! Hope it comes in soon for you!
  5. wow.. thats cute.. i donno what i would wear it with tho-- ANYTHING! haha
  6. It would probably look good when wearing black and white, and a bright color like red or pink :love: The girl who was wearing it had on black pants, and a white tank top underneath a black cardigan. The bracelet just looked so cute on her :nuts: It would probably be the only jewelry piece to wear on the wrist area - no watch or other bracelet, let the piece speak for itself! :P
  7. so funny, i was looking at one on ebay today. i love the chanel costume jewelry :love:
  8. Very nice! It looks very chic!
  9. Very pretty cuff!
  10. Very nice, Christina! Especially since you love Bakelite...these will fit right in with all your other beauties....I too have a nice collection of Bakelite....bought a lot when it was thought of as just junk in the flea markets. I used to wear it all the time and then got into collecting 18th century/Georgian Jewelry which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE so my bakelite is stored in hat boxes at the top of my closet waiting their turn again.....
  11. Also they come in White with Black CC logo as well.
    This is the least expensive bracelet. Most of they bracelet will cost 350.00 to 800.00

    I believe this bracelet is a great buy!
    Matching belt with bakelite will cost you at least 900.00 to 1885.00
  12. im toootaly in love with it...
    and i love all that chanel jwellary...i have a collection i'll be sharing with u soon..
  13. i had that cuff bracelet and ended up selling it on ebay because it was too snug on my 7.5 inch wrist to the point it hurt

    i love the jewelry also...i have a few earrings and 2 necklaces
  14. Cool, another Bakelite fan :nuts: There is a town close to here called Mount Dora, which is a hot spot for antiques. Twice a year they have a huge antique fair, and there are always tons of dealers with awesome Bakelite pieces. Last time I went I ended up with a huge purple bracelet with white dots, and an orange carved Lucite bracelet. I also have a bracelet that has the mah jongg tiles on it. It's not Bakelite, but it looks like the old, real ones that were made in the 1930s.

    GIA - Thanks for the info! I think I'll be sticking with this one for now :P I saw the white one on eBay, but I prefer the look of the black.

    BlkLadyLaw - I'm sorry you had to sell yours :sad: I have thin wrists, so hopefully it will fit just right!

    Everyone who has Chanel jewelry should take photos and post them when you can! I'd love to see the different pieces :nuts:
  15. cristina that bracelet is super it current season and do you think my local chanels would have it?.....awesome price too i don't think i've ever seen chanel jewelry under $150 :P

    also what is bakelite? :shame: .......i've heard of it but never bought anything bakelite so never really looked into it....will i have to worry about scratching/chipping/paint peeling off or is it like a durable plastic?