Chanel crystal necklace

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  1. hey,

    does anyone have any pics and price of this necklace. it matches the CC crystal earrings.

    also is it costume jewlerry or 925 like tiffanys?
  2. it's costume jewellery (not sterling silver), if you go through the reference library there're pictures posted there.
  3. There is no picture, but if you are talking about the pearl and cc single strand necklace it is $795 per my SA.
  4. The pearl necklace with the stone "cc" is retailing for $1150. The one with the pearl "cc: retail for $795..... Hirshleifer's just received the onr for $1150.
  5. [​IMG]

    This si a pic of the single strand pearl necklace with pearl "cc"'s for $795