Chanel Cruise reference numbers

  1. japskvit,

    Please remember those Cruise numbers for the new 2.55. I am just out of my mind to call about these bags. Just made a call to 57th street. This woman was not with it, ahahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Idaknow, OMG! ahahahhhhhhhhh, I think it might be to early, what did you say that you were looking for?:rant: :nuts: I politely, ended this call.
  2. I just got off the phone with Brendan at the Chanel on 57th. I was ordering earrings:P . Anyway, we talked about the new 2.55 reissues bags from the Cruise collection. He said that looking at the reference numbers it appeared to him that the new colors were coming in four different types of leathers. He said the colors were light silver, dark silver, gold, and RE (which he thinks must be red). He also said black and dark navy, but he thinks these will be in a distressed patent leather.

    Brendan is awesome and I suggest that whenever you call the 57th store you ask for him. He's the best IMO.:yahoo:
  3. Thanks, I will do that, this woman uhmmmmmmmmmm! Tell us about those new earrings.
  4. I never made it to the office... I had meetings today... I'll post soon!!
  5. I'll post pics when they arrive. They should be here Wednesday or Thursday. I'm a visual person, I need pics, so I like to post pics too.:yes: