1. I just got put on the list for the dark silver (pewter) 2.55 reissue 226. I wear PT and WG mostly, so I think it will serve its purpose well:wlae: :wlae:
  2. Congrats, I am sure you will love it, I have the black one.:love:
  3. OMGosh, I L O V E pewter! I hope more bags come in that color!
  4. I do too.... I want something bigger in pewter.. but i will get the flap if all else fails
  5. Anybody got any pics/know where I can find some - there's no chanel store or concession in my city!
  6. A pewter reissue??:nuts: That is going to be so stunning! Do you know what other colors they're coming out with?
  7. Oh my....I cannot wait to see it!! Post pics when it arrives!!
  8. Does anybody know if there are pics of the accessories only from the 06/07 Cruise collection? I went to and they only have the current stuff in the accessories section, and the pics under "fashion shows" of the accessories are not close-up enough or at weird angles..

    Is there another source that shows pics (and possibly prices) of accessories including bags from this line? (oh.. and the vintage line that's supposed to be coming out?)
  9. This sounds GORGEOUS!!! Congrats
  10. My SA sent me a plethora of catalogs recently, but nothing on Cruise, I'm guessing they're not releasing marketing yet:shrugs:

    We've posted lots of Vintage Ligne bags, you can do a search. ANy specific bag you're looking for?

    I TOTALLY just got deja vu!:upsidedown:
  11. Thanks for the info swanky. I'm just perusing. I'm really really confused. I guess a dilemma known by many as too many bags in my mind but not enough money to buy them all! So while I have an idea of what I want.. I'm not sure what order to get them and so right now I'm just trying to do more research. Trouble is that the bags are all different brands and have all different qualities so they aren't even directly comparable!

    I want to go to a chanel store and take a look at certain things IRL, but I want to kind of go in there with an idea of what I like and I want to see if there's something coming out that I should start wait-listing for or whether I should get something more "permanent" like a classic flap...
  12. You should start a thread w/ some ideas for us, we can at least point you in the right direction ;)
    The thing is, the stores all have very different stock.
    So you may see something here and your store may not have it . . .