Chanel Cruise 2020 Minis are you Copping?

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Will You Be Getting a Cruise '20 Mini?

  1. Cop

    22 vote(s)
  2. Pass

    45 vote(s)
  1. If any, are the Minis sparking interest this launch??? I mean of course the Black Sold Out at our location even though it has silver/hw... thoughts??? IMG_7340.JPG IMG_7341.JPG IMG_7342.JPG IMG_7343.JPG
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  2. #2 Nov 18, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
    I have a black one on hold and still debating …..
  3. ooooo nice, well lucky you have a black one put aside. Last launch they kind of sat around for a while before they found homes especially the rose it just was such an off shade of pink.... but I will admit I love the navy and the rainbow hardware on the multicolor tweed mini :heart:
  4. Haven’t seen any images yet of the black minis. Would love to see some if anyone has snagged any!
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  5. There you go! :biggrin: E8FF119C-E810-4A68-97F3-F3B92C9FC59A.jpeg 5076E2D7-ACDA-4008-9920-DE20C40D9367.jpeg 5E0F4AB8-5E70-4266-8415-730EFC802D09.jpeg
  6. I forgot to Mention the amazing Patent Mini!!! Probably my favorite by far from this launch 947C09A4-CA0C-4D24-8A3F-8863996DE787.jpeg
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  7. So these are not flying off the shelf like hot cakes then? What is your thought on the mini cruise?
    I was surprised that my SA has one and was willing to hold it for me when I called earlier today.
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  8. They should be, haha
    Colors are too similar to previous fall release.. the black, gray and pink? So wasn’t excited for that. Patent is my fave followed by the Navy <- - - (must have) and the multicolor tweed is beautiful/unique :heart:
  9. Do they have square minis? In which colour?
  10. I just bought the navy last Friday and was debating if I should exchange it for tha black. Still waiting for my SA to let me know if they have any black delivered. But I am actually really happy with my navy :heart:
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  11. violet, navy, grey , all in lamb
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  12. Great choice! yup keep the Navy, you can always do black next time :smile:)
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  13. Loving it more and more! I am now eyeing up for a So Black mini :biggrin:
  14. My SA just sent me these 2 images, I’ve wanted a mini for a while but I just can’t decide...

    I currently got a black jumbo GHW and a business affinity in shiny GHW.

    Not sure if I should go for another black or go with the beautiful grey? Just scared of colour transfer..

    Any advise ladies?

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