CHANEL Cruise 2008 Trunk Show Sample Photos

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  1. just got these in the mail so i thought i would share them :heart:
  2. more...

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  3. some more...

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  4. all from the Nordstrom seattle trunkshow... enjoy! :flowers:
  5. thanks for posting! they look fab but looks like i'm gonna give a pass to Cruise and cruise through til Spring! ;) (hopefully i find a pot of gold by then LOL)
  6. Great pictures, thanks for sharing them!
  7. thanks so much for sharing...
  8. Thanks for sharing...

    I'm wondering about BQ in pink....:confused1:
  9. Thanks alot for sharing these pics !!
    Nice nice nice !!
    Thanks again !!!:heart:;)
  10. thanks for sharing. i think will wait until spring08.. hope to see more cute bags soon...
  11. Ditto:smile:
  12. thanks! I'm getting the lucky symbols in gold :smile:
  13. Nice, thanks!! I see orange in my future...
  14. Thanks for posting them!:tup:
  15. very nice! thanks for sharing
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