Chanel Cruise 2008 Trunk Show Pictures!!! L@@k!!!!!

  1. Here are the pictures from the trunk show. Wanted to share these pictures with you :smile:





  2. IMG_0989.JPG




  3. IMG_0996.JPG
  4. thanks so much for sharing!
    after seeing a pic of the melrose clutch in the fuschia i am not so sure i need it anymore...but i kind of like the closures on the flaps!
  5. Thank you!
  6. prices anyone ?
  7. Thanks for posting pics.:tup:
  8. Thanks for taking the time post!
  9. thanks for sharing
  10. Thank you, H2girl! Great pics! I'm eyeing that white cerf tote! :yes:
  11. Great pics, thanks for sharing them!!
  12. hmmmm.......

    Thank you for posting, but I'm not sure what I think about these bags...
  13. Thank you!! :yes:
  14. Thanks for posting.:tup:

    The yellow is very pale, not what I expected.
    The classic closure is quite different than traditional.
    I am not feeling the sewn/glued appliquéd CC's on the first one, nor the Bakelite handles.
    What does everyone think? Or is it just me? :shrugs:
  15. Thanks so much for posting.

    Oh my, what on earth happened to the Cerf tote? It looks stiff and frigid this season.