Chanel Cruise 2008 Men

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  1. HI! I am new to Chanel so pardon my ignorance. :biggrin:

    I am so fascinated by the Chanel Cruise 2008 show held in Santa Monica. It is just so luxurious and I love the fact that the planes carried the models to the show. :biggrin:

    I really like the clothes on the male models. They are really cool and especially the shorts and high top sneakers!!! I was with my mom to the Chanel boutique 2 months ago and where she bought the 2.55 pochette but I didnt see any guys' clothes at the boutique for myself. Ok I know Chanel makes really nice clothes for the girls but what about boys? Am I just daydreaming? Please help me out. It would be great if you can let me know about the price range for the guys clothes. (Im going to ditch all my Louis Vuitton for Chanel) THANKS!

  2. Hi Will, nice to meet you! :flowers:

    I'm living in Europe, so I can't help you out with this. But you could call Chanel costumer service and ask them which boutiques carry the men's line.

    Good luck!
  3. Many thanks for the reply! I am flying to Hong Kong next week so I think I will go when I am there! So I take it Chanel does do clothes for men too?! This is exciting. :biggrin:
  4. Chanel does in fact make menswear, but it's very limited. When I say limited, I mean extremely limited. The Rue Cambon Store only had two of four jackets from the fall/winter collection and the runway samples. I do remember seeing a ski jacket and some mens shoes at Prince's building in Hong Kong, you might try there, but Chanel's menswear is about double or almost triple from what Vuitton cost.
  5. Many thanks ddremi! :yes:
  6. Ddremi is right...menswear is extremely limited. I am not sure if HK even carries the mens' line. If you're going there, pls let us know if you find them ok? The only place I've seen them being sold is in NY. Good Luck and happy shopping!!
  7. SURE! I have a fear everytime I visit Chanel because it's so upperclass for me and I really like the interior of the boutique. Do people go mad about the menswear since it's so limited? I have never seen any stuff on eBay for sale. I really want the high top sneakers from the Cruise 2008. It's so cool! Thanks Cheena :biggrin: Im flying on the 17th so will keep you all posted! Just wondering if you can have an idea how much a pair of shirts from Chanel will cost? Similarily for the sneakers. I wanna have enough $dosh$ if I am lucky enough to spot one.
  8. Hong Kong may carry the menswear line in Prince's Building, but the Asian market is crazy about Chanel, so it may not be available. Chanel menswear isn't so marketable, because Chanel is known primarily as womenswear. I would call your local Chanel boutique and ask them to find out for you. They should be able to find the shoes in their database and have them sent to you. The dress shoes from Chanel I saw were about $600, so I guess that's about the same price as Vuitton. When going into Chanel, make sure you look like you belong there, because Chanel SA's (especially at flagship stores) are annoyed by people who just "want to look around" and not buy anything, so dress sophisticated, and you shouldn't have a problem. Good Luck!
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  10. the high top sneaker were like 850 us dollars n a t shirt around the 500 to 700 aprox. I call the dc store when ever i want male stuff, there is a male SA that wears n gets u all the male stuff.
  11. I heard from an SA at the Chanel in Las Vegas that in the US chanel menswear is very limited but it is sold at the store in LA on Robertson and the one in New York in soho
    hope this helps!
    p.s. I've been dying to track some chanel menswear down as well as some dior homme by hedi slimane but that's a whole different issue :p
  12. Yes, there are only a few Chanel boutiques worldwide that sell menswear (Hong Kong has one) and usually these shops don't even sell the entire collection, at least that's what my SA said. I spotted an extremely nice cotton poplin shirt from the 2010 cruise line that I want to have, it's roughly $1400 according to the SA. I called her for information and she said it would be hard to track one of those shirts down in my preferred size but she said she could always try.
  13. Jeffery in NYC usually has a piece or two of menswear and one or two styles of shoes. However he buys it super small, like 46 and maybe 48.