Chanel Cruise 16/17 Cuba!

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  1. The Boy is caviar??? Wow, pretty!!
  2. Thankfully I am not feeling any of the bags, including Rainbow Boy (which is fine... I will have spent too much in Pre-Fall Act II anyway) but there are some seriously adorable brooches! Kind of love the t-shirt too, though I don't know if I can justify spending all that much on a cotton tee....

    Thank you for sharing the photos!!
  3. Yeah!! That makes it so much better since caviar is more durable than smooth calfskin or lambskin.
  4. Thank you for sharing pictures! I am in love with this collection. Will get some of the brooches for sure. And I am really drooling over these shirts.

  5. I am super crazy about that rainbow/sorbet Boy Chanel😍💖 I am definitely gonna get this beauty!! Thanks for posting😘
  6. Did you guys like the hats...?
  7. Although I don't think fedoras are for me I did like them I think they would be incredibly chic on the right person
  8. The lego style clutch and rainbow boy are TDF!!! Omg... the boy bag though is seriously killing meeee haha

  9. I'm not a hat person but on the models they looked great! And they were very fitting for the theme of the show
  10. This bag on the other hand, I would get a ton of use out of.


    I'm hoping it's not just a runway bag... And that it is in the typical CF price range...
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  11. Oh I like this. Wonder what material that is

  12. I think it's some sort of distressed leather
  13. Hope it is not so delicate

  14. Same here. If it is kinda sueded, for example, that would be a big no for me. I have one suede bag - a PS1 pouch. And while I still like it, I will never buy a suede bag again.
  15. Agree, I dont even think of sueded bag nor shoes
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