Chanel Cruise 16/17 Cuba!

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  1. Can't wait to see all of your reveals in such colorful patterns!! 🌈
  2. Brillant collection there is something for every kind of taste or age to love!
  3. omg. I have to have the avocado brooch.
  4. The boy bag is super cute and the rainbow brooches are cute too! I'm gonna have to tell my SA to let me know when they come in!

  5. Yes that does help! Thanks Katja!

  6. I got my boy cruise end of October this past season in the U.S. I would look out for then.
  7. +1
  8. I want this clutch so much it's physically painful. And I guarantee I won't be able to afford it.

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  9. Lol! I adore that too! I'm starting to save for this collection already, SOO many unique things! :P
  10. +1 thanks so much Gail :smile: & that boy!! :love:

  11. I like the wooden one before that! The wooden Cuban cigar box! And yup count me in on the "surely can't afford it club!"
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  12. I'm on the ban island but I need that rainbow boy 😢
  13. Am I crazy to text photos to my SA marked up with circles on things that won't be here till October? :thinking:

  14. ....Nope

  15. not at all :smile: I think I will write my SA's very soon about the multicoloured classic flap :P normally I'm not a fan about the multicoloured ones but this time... I will for sure have a close look at it
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