Chanel Crocodile Shoes

  1. I know this isn't the shoe forum but I thought I could make an exception for these Chanels.

    They are so comfortable - what do you think? My SA scooped them up as soon as they went on sale. Check out the little CC logo on the heels!
    ChanelAlligators.jpg ChanelAligatorHeels.jpg
  2. I LOVE your shoes!!!!
  3. maxter, is the heel python because it looks like it instead of crocodile. Either way, if I were you I'd find a reason to keep these and wear these shoes.
  4. That's a great shoe! And timeless... many Chanel shoes (not the classics) will look dated in a few years. I love this shoe!
  5. OMG!!! I love them!:wtf: They went on sale? I want one pair? what? when? why? where? ha,ha
  6. I looove your shoes!
  7. love it!! congrats!
  8. Those shoes are TDF!! I love them!
  9. Very nice and sexy! Where can I find this shoe?
  10. Gorgeous. I need a SA like that!
  11. Lovely.
  12. sexy!!
  13. Those are so HOT!