Chanel Credit Card Holder

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  1. I was in Las Vegas over the weekend and bought a very very :heart: cute peach/pink colored credit card holder. The SA said that it was a new color :smile: I'll post pictures when I get home!
  2. Oooh very cute. May I ask how much? I think thats a purchase I can make without breaking the bank, but then I think I might as well save my money towards a purse.
  3. Hey i was in Las Vegas over the weekend too! I went and saw Stevie Nicks at Ceasars. I was SO PISSED b/c i didn't have time to go to the Chanel Botique! I'm going back to Vegas in March though so hopefully then! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  4. Sounds cute! I recently bought a credit card holder, but in black. Can't wait to see your pic!
  5. Sounds very cute! can't wait to see pics! if it is okay to ask, how much was it?
  6. Love the color, and the price is great too! My black quilted one was $215. Congrats!
  7. Soooo cute! I love the pink
  8. $150! that's terrific! and the color is deeelightful. i love 'blush' colors.
  9. Love the color! How many cards does it hold? I need an extra card holder for those rebate cards, sam's cards, etc.
  10. I have the same in black and I love love love it.
  11. I think I can fit 3-7 cards into it :smile: Haven't really used it yet.

    Dee, do you have any idea how many cards?

    I like that it doesn't scratch easily :smile:
  12. ok here goes:smile:

    side with logo: 1 card maybe 2 but I don't want to over stretch
    opposite side: 2 cards one per slot but could hold 2 per slot if pushed
    middle: 5(one is the ultra thin) cards and it does not look stuffed

    So I have managed to load it with 8 cards;)
  13. it's beautiful...what kinda of material is it ? from the looks canvas..thax.a

    also, do u know if they're mail it over to me if i order it over the phone? thx
  14. I believe it is leather..but I am not sure..might ba cavier or somethign similar to that.

    I am pretty sure they will mail it to you, the SA there had asked me if I wanted to pre-sale and then have the items mailed to me :smile: