Chanel Crave or Cerf Tote?

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  1. I love cerf ... So versatile.

  2. I have 3 cerfs, so I thought I might throw my 2 cents in. They are great bags for everyday use, it holds a lot, more than you think, and I love how many compartments it has, the middle zippered one is great for wallet/keys, it also has another two zippered pockets on both side inside, as well as another two large pockets on the outside which is great for things you need easy/frequent access to, like gum, lip balm etc. However, you have to bear in mind that they do not hold up their shapes well, I use one of mine a lot for travellings and it is becoming very slouchy- I personally like that look, but that is just me. I do have one that I have only worn out once, so if you want I can take a picture of both side by side for you to compare.

    ps - it also comes with removable straps, however, I have yet to use mine as I like holding my bag so I cannot give you any advice on that I'm afraid.
  3. I can not resis the crave, so purchased one ...
    cert tote, not so much "in" too me...Fendi, Prada, Tods, and of course Hermes make much better tote than cert tote.
  4. I have the black caviar Cerf tote and love it! It's so elegant and looks beautiful with whatever I happen to be wearing. I think this tote surpasses all others. I love the fact that it's understated and minimal. I find that much more appealing. I believe this to be a Chanel classic. I don't follow trends, I buy what I love and enjoy. This bag is a great addition to my bag collection and I'd recommend it to all. I work from home so this is not a work bag for me, but rather my daily bag. I keep the strap attached because I love the look, but I carry this in the crook of my arm or as a handheld bag. No regrets! I just got mine last January and the black was gold hardware was hard to find!
  5. What about a crave tote.....?

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  6. Crave flap vote
  7. I vote for saving up for some sort of classic because It seems like that's what you really want. Buy the crave or the cerf only if it won't be a compromise. Otherwise, you may still want the classic flap or reissue but will then have to start saving all over again.
  8. Not sure anyone addressed the issue of what do want to carry around with daily? If you are like me and carry around a fair amount and feel lost without my sunnies, wallet, cosmetic bag, keys, lotion etc... Well, a flap bag is not necessarily for you. That would make the Cerf a better choice. I am fairly obsessed with the Boy bag but yet to pull the trigger for this reason. Who knows...maybe I will want the Boy so much I will figure out how to condense what I carry. Think about which bag you love the most and go for it.
  9. Beautiful crave tote, congrats!
  10. It depands how much you want to carry with you! Both bags are nice!:P