Chanel Crave or Cerf Tote?

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  1. I was surprised they redid this style so soon but it's very popular. I had 2 SAs call me same day and I was surprised they remember I was looking for it desperately last September. I thought I would have to wait a few years... :smile: surprise and dent in my spring budget. Lol

  2. Oh really?? I thought I got lucky and found one of the very last ones from last year! Haha! 😊
  3. I have the same dilemma! Do you guys know if the CC Crave comes in other colors?

  4. It does! But I can only find black and beige.

    It comes in green, red and a blue.
  5. Another vote for Crave!
  6. crave all the way :biggrin:
  7. I didn't know it comes in beige... do you have a picture?

  8. It's slightly darker in person. I don't know why this is loading upside down. Sorry about that!

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  9. Is the price point on the Crave that the same of the Cerf Tote?
  10. Crave it is so light that it is the perfect everyday bag, also the distressed look makes it actually ultra resistant and not fragile at all!!!!!
    i made a thread will lots of mod pics wearing my Black Jumbo CC crave on TPF :smile:

    Instagram @chloehollywood

  11. They are the same price I think.
  12. gggrrh!!! :cursing: I just bought the Cerf Tote a couple of weeks ago but would rather have the Crave!!

  13. The cerf tote is a great choice, beautiful leather and classy, don't regret it :smile:

    I didn't get the CC Crave, I think I'll continue to save and get the boy instead. :smile:
  14. I am not so much into the look Crave has, therefor I would pick the Cerf Tote. :smile:
  15. I would pick Cert tote