Chanel Crave or Cerf Tote?

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  1. If you were to choose between the Cerf tote and the Chanel Crave flap in jumbo size which would you choose?

    Since they are both the same price range, great everyday bag, and classic looking.. :smile:
  2. I vote crave flap! It has more of the chanel look and feel.

  3. It's like a classic flap and reissue fushion haha.
  4. Exactly! And it's super light. I have the crave jumbo flap :smile:

  5. I called around and finally found one, I'm going to go to the boutique tomorrow.

    I already have the jumbo and m/l classic flaps... But I'm attracted to the distressed look and hardware, since I don't have enough monies for the reissue. I'm on here to get reassurance that this won't be a super impulse buy..

  6. Light weight is a plus!
    How is the bag holding up? Does it hold it's structure? I'm curious if the black color is as grey as it looks in photos. Do you think the bag will look too big for a 5"4, 120 lbs?
  7. Or should I save my money... Neither bags. Haha
  8. Or portobello, I found this bag too.... Ahhhh!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397102517.449815.jpg
  9. I just pulled out my bags to compare... haha. The crave is JET black. No hint of gray what so ever. But the caviar used is definitely different from the classic flaps. The crave caviar is softer/sort of distressed but still feels durable. It's also shinier, almost like a gloss. The leather is not stiff like the classics, so it can crease/collapse a little bit at the top if you put heavy things in the bag.

    I definitely don't think the bag is too big. I think it's roughly the same size as the classic jumbo? The strap isn't super long so it doesn't look awkward single strap.

    Hope that helps!

  10. Thank you for your response. :smile:

  11. Can it be worn crossbody?
  12. Crave! I missed out last Prefall and score one this season. I love mine!! Even my DH says it looks better than my m/l without knowing price difference. It's black IRL but because of the treated distressed look it has that glaze and looks shiny in pics. I'm 5'3" and can wear it cross body. Def try it on in store if you are going. It's lightweight, looks like classic but very chic and usable daily. Good luck with decision!
  13. The strap is just a teeny bit shorter than the reissue 226 strap. I feel like the strap is too short for crossbody wear.
  14. #14 Apr 10, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014

    I'm excited to go try it out tomorrow.
    I guess I can always buy a Cerf tote layer, this bag being seasonal I wonder if they'll do this style again..

    Did you get it in the medium or jumbo?
  15. Medium. The jumbo looks too big on me when I tried it cross body. I wanted a size that could easily be day to night also by double strapping it. Try it on. Everyone has diff torso length though... Have fun at store!