Chanel cotton club...?????

  1. Does anyone know what the price is of the medium sized Cotton Club tote now, perferrably in Bronze???? I'm not sure if the price of it went up or not thats why I'm asking. :smile:
  2. ^ Hi! :smile: I purchased mine back in March, and it was $1995 plus tax. :smile: The price hasn't gone up, because the CC ligne is seasonal. :tup: :heart:
  3. Thanks. I know it's seasonal, but i still love this bag and the color as well. :heart:
  4. ^ Ohhh, me too... I love mine! :love: :love: If you're on the hunt for one, good luck! :flowers:
  5. Are they still being sold in Chanel boutiques??
  6. i saw the silver color. The price is still $1995
  7. I'm STILL searching for this bag. I check on eBay every single day, but it hasn't shown up yet. If a bag is discontinued, can you still find like one in a department store, (Neimans, Saks, Bloomingdales?) or is it just gone forever? :sad: I know these came out a while ago but the color is just sooo pretty I can't believe I missed it. I thought that maybe one or two would show up on eBay, but I guess no one in America wants to sell theirs? Lol! Sorry, this bag is just so pretty. :cry:
  8. Call around because I know for fact that Neimans in Houston Galleria and Neimans at downtown had some cotton club items left. Hope you find one.
  9. still @ $1995. chanel chestnut hill has one in the pearl white 617.630.6723
  10. If you're talking about the Melrose Cotton tote, i saw one one let-trade for $1270 i believe in a medium.
  11. Its so hard to find this tote in the bronze/khaki color.