Chanel costume jewelry

  1. What is the price range? How often do they have new styles?
  2. It depends what you are looking for. RIngs range from 175- 280, earrings from 150-1000, necklaces from 155-1200 it all depends what you are looking for. Every season has new styles..
  3. I bought a set of necklace, earing and bracelet with diamonds.. around $2500
  4. Love Shopping quoted about the right price ranges. As for new styles, there is usually 3 seasonal costume jewelry collections each year: Cruise/Holiday; Spring/Summer; Autumn/Winter
  5. Do you know roughly when each of these becomes available in stores? I am interested in some costume jewelry, but there doesn't seem to be much in the stores right now. Perhaps I just need to ask the SA to show me some.
  6. The price range here in UK from 70 pounds - 1000+ and it launched by collection ( I guess 4 -5 collections a year )